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Submitting Music

If you would like to submit music to KUCI for possible airplay, please mail a CD, CD-R, vinyl record, cassette tape, 8-track, or wax cylinder with a track listing to the following address:

KUCI 88.9 FM
c/o Music Director
PO Box 4362
Irvine, CA 92616

Please make sure that your package will withstand the hardships of snail mail.

At this time, we do not accept digital submissions, and furthermore, will most likely not listen to your SoundCloud page.

If you’ve already submitted your music to be played and are curious if it has been added to our new release section, you are welcome to send an email inquiring so but, again, there is not enough time for us to reply personally to every artist who has mailed us music. Instead, please check kuci.org and take a look at weekly adds and charts to see if your record is being played. Once in a while, we may have a moment to tell you, Yes, your CD is spinning! More often than not, though, we have already spent many hours poring over dozens of CDs (including yours) and really can’t turn around and tell everyone if they’ve made the cut or not.

If your music is of a certain genre, you may want to address your package as such: if it is a Jazz CD, or an Experimental CD (and so on)  please replace “Music Director” in the above mailing address with “(Genre) Director.” Furthermore, if you want to mail your CD to a particular host, who perhaps plays the same kind of music as yours, please do so! Simply replace “Music Director” in the above mailing address with “(Show Host/Show Name).” This is an excellent way to get in touch with DJs who are perhaps more likely to play your particular brand of music.

Remember, we at KUCI strive to play music that is DISTINCT from what you hear on commercial, mainstream radio. With this said, please look at our program schedule prior to mailing us your music and make sure you are not wasting your own or our time.

Basically, just remember you are sending your music to a real human person who has probably a million real human things going on in their life: we WILL listen to your music and if we think it fits our programming and philosophy it WILL be played.

Lastly, do not email anyone other than the Music Directors about your music being played on KUCI. Do NOT contact the Program Director, the General Manager, Promotions Director, et cetera; emailing everyone about your band is never a good idea, and more often than not, a ticket to the reject pile.

Bearing all aforementioned in mind, hit the post office!