On Air
My Allegiance Hybrid Radio Focusing Primarily on R&B

Contact Management

Broadcast Media Coordinator / General Manager
staff advisor, station policies and practices, station tours, general business and ADA Accessible FCC Public Files access
Kevin Stockdale

Music Director
getting your music played, music policy

Brian Scott
(949) 824-4561 (Direct Line)

Program Director
scheduling of shows and DJs
(does not program music. contact music director)

Isabella Cao

Public Affairs Director
public affairs/talk shows, interviews and guests
Aidan Fitzpatrick

News Director
Maxwell Blocker

Production Director
Maya Bryant

Promotions Director
on-air giveaways: tickets, merchandise
Kristen Chastain

Marketing Director
Angelica Sheen

Operations Assistant
Elina Dern

Kevin Stockdale

Training Director
volunteer at KUCI
Mackenzie Ostrowski

Volunteer Coordinators
coordinators tasks and projects for current staff members
Katharine Lee

Music Librarian
Grace Xu

Computer Systems Manager
Mason Sedlik

Web Operations
Nathan Callahan – Webmaster
Kevin Stockdale – Web Advertising

Acting Assistant Engineer
Kevin Stockdale