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California Dreamin’ News on the Latinx Community from a Latina and Dreamer Perspective

KUCI Talk | Public Affairs

MONDAY, JULY 15, 2019
8 – 8:30 am
Privacy Piracy
with Mari Frank
Protect Yourself in the Information Age

Privacy Piracy host Mari Frank interviews Allen Banks who will discuss the following topics and more!

  1. Active Shooter
  2. Prevention
  3. Threat Assessment

Allen Banks, owner and CEO of Proactive Protection Agency and Safeground Training, is a certified security specialist. Allen has decades of experience in the field as a Personal Protection Specialist. He is a graduate of Vance International, one of the top Executive Protection academies in the United States. There, Allen received training from former Secret Service and Military Personnel. With over 40 years’ experience in the security industry, he has provided threat assessment and security for high profile celebrities in the film, TV, and music industries, corporate executives and high-threat level dignitaries, locally and internationally.

8:30 – 9 am
Fighting for Love
with Mari Frank
Turn Conflict into Collaboration

Fighting for Love host Mari Frank interviews Dr. Nancy Lee who will discuss the following topics and more!

  1. Relationships
  2. Sex
  3. Rape culture

Nancy F. Lee, PhD, is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Lee is a leading practitioner of cognitive behavior therapy and specializes in a wide range of behavioral health issues ranging from depression and anxiety to male/female psychosexual desire and functioning. Her warm approach, incisive, practical insights and unique blend of clinical and academic relationship expertise earned her the 2015 Vitals Patients’ Choice Award. Dr. Lee especially enjoys leading student discussion forums covering a broad scope of psychosocial issues such as hookup culture, dating violence, and high-risk drinking, among others, at local colleges and universities, including UCLA. In addition,

9 – 10 am
Get the Funk Out
with Janeane Bernstein
Life’s a Rollercoaster Ride! Stories of Inspiration and Change
2 – 3 pm
Level Up
with Vincent Teneriello
The Broader Implications of Video Games
3 – 4 pm
Drops n Cops
with Celine Kabbara
New Music, Sneakers, and Street Wear

4 – 5 pm
And the Oscar Goes to…
with Andrew Beard
A Discussion of Oscar Nominated and Winning Films
5 – 6 pm
California Dreamin’
with Natali Vargas
News on the Latinx Community from a Latina and Dreamer Perspective

TUESDAY, JULY 16, 2019
8 – 9 am
Sports Matters
with Matthew & Kevin
All Sports That People Follow
9 – 10 am
Ask A Leader
with Claudia Shambaugh
Inquiring Minds Wanna Hear

Ana Ramirez Zarate

Tim Burns

Plowing right into the headwinds, the moving targets of immigration policy will be my guests: Ana Ramirez, Coordinator of the Orange County Rapid Response Network; and Tim Burns, local activist, and community advocate for universal representation for immigrants facing deportation.  

Carissa Macias

We’ll wrap the show with Carissa Macias, program coordinator serving up “Gourmet by the Bay,” a fundraising plein air dining experience this Saturday, July 20th at the nearby Newport Conservancy’s Interpretative Center.   

4 – 5 pm
with Stacey
Exploring the Paranormal, Conspiracy, Oddities, and the Curious

5 – 6 pm
Entrepreneur Nation
with Ash Kumra
Get Inspired by Top Entrepreneurs to Make Your Dreams Happen!

8 – 9 am
Yes, No, Maybe So
with Lili and El
Debating Topics in the News, Media, and the Hip Happenings
9 – 10 am
Writers on Writing
with Barbara De Marco-Barrett
Get Published 

NYC literary agent Mark Gottlieb will join Barbara DeMarco-Barrett to talk about the business of writing.  Gottlieb is a highly ranked literary agent both in overall volume of deals and other individual categories. During his time at Trident Media Group, Gottlieb has represented numerous New York Times bestselling authors, as well as award-winning authors, and has optioned and sold numerous books to film and TV production companies. He previously ran the agency’s audiobook department, in addition to working in foreign rights. Gottlieb is actively seeking submissions in all categories and genres and looking forward to bringing new authors to the curious minds of their future readers.

4 – 5 pm
The Talk Show Formerly Known as “Half Past Five”
with Paxton
A Classic Variety Show with Contemporary Sensibilities
5 – 6 pm
Change Agents
with Oswaldo Diaz
Individuals Making an Impact

8 – 8:30 am
Common Knowledge
with Hai Truong
Unpacking What We Think We Know
8:30 – 9 :30 am
In the Garden
with UCCE Master Gardeners
Home Gardening
9:30 – 10 pm
Along the Intersection
with Naseem Eskandari
The Intersectionality of Our Collective Struggles
4 – 5 pm
Real People of Orange County
with Kimberlee Martin
A Interesting Look at O.C’s Best and Brightest
5 – 6
Leaning Left
with Danny
World Politics, U.S. Policy, and Philosophy

FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019
8 – 9 am
Weekly Signals
with Nathan Callahan, Mike Kaspar, & Mahler
Doggedly Irreverent Commentary on Current Events
9 – 10 am
Film School
with Mike Kaspar
Independent Film News, Reviews and Interviews

4 – 5 pm
AMB Theatre
with Nikay Nipp
Classical Dramatic Theater performed in a 1920 Style Radio Program
5 – 6 pm
Operation Community Stimulus
with Grandmaann
Interviews with Community Nonprofits and Business Owners