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On our October 31, 2005 show,
we aired a talk given by U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam Michael Marine
at UC Irvine the past Thursday.
He addresses developments in U.S.-Vietnam Relations. See press relesase.
To hear the Ambassador's talk and the subsequent Q&A: click here: .
Press coverage focused on the flag recognition issue:
The Vietnam News Agency ran a dispatch
exulting that the Ambassador was recognizing Vietnam's flag.
That dispatch was picked up in Thanh Nien, a Vietnam-based youth daily.
Locally the Orange County Register ran a column in lieu of a news article
expressing the columnist's concern that
Marine didn't seem to recognize the importance of the defunct flag: "Missing Local Color".
The next day it ran another article on his visit to Orange County: U.S. Official to Vietnam Opens Up.
For some historical background on the south Vietnamese flag, read:
Scars and Stripes: What's Behind Those Yellow Flags in Little Saigon.

On our October 14, 2005 show
UCI history Prof. Mike Davis talked about government corruption
and the politics of racial neglect in New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina.
Here's an analysis he wrote for the Le Monde Diplomatique:
"The Predators of New Orleans".

He has also co-written an essay on "25 Questions about the Murder of New Orleans"
on the Nation web site: http://www.thenation.com/doc/20051017/davis.

His essay, "Melting Away," also appears on the Nation web site:

Stay tuned for updates.

Web-exclusive audio online as well as a digital archive of broadcast shows.

In process, an interview with an indie filmmaker from Hong Kong International Film Festival.

We also covered the Second Vietnamese International Film Festival.

Listen to our web-exclusive interview -- never broadcast
-- with a Korean-Caucasian American who talks about
exploring the West Hollywood sexual underground.
Go to our new Online Web-exclusive Archive.

Salem witchhunting makes a comeback in the conviction of ex-Father Paul Shanley.
Read the article by Alexander Cockburn in CounterPunch
that also appeared in the Nation: Back to Salem .
Read also a pre-trial analysis by Jim D'Entremont in the Guide: Show trial....
Read about the cultural context in Boston and Shanley's background
in an article in Legal Affairs by JoAnn Wypijewski: Passion.
UCI Prof. Elizabeth Loftus tried hard to debunk "recovered memory" for the defense.
Hear her earlier 12 November 2002 interview
on the myth of recovered memory on Subversity:

Academic Freedom under attack.

Read the petition to support Ward Churchill's free speech rights

and his right to his tenured job: Ward Churchill Petition.

Support the campaign for justice for Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange! Agent Orange Petition.

Original torture memo writer UCB Prof. John Yoo
spoke at UCI on February 7, 2005
as part of the university's Chancellor's Distinguished Fellows series.
See UCI press release
which does not mention the torture link.
Read more on him; here is a bibliography.
Here is a petition drafted by some UCI faculty challenging the invite.
See also article from OC weekly on the invite to him and two others,
including Viet Dinh, the principal author of the USA Patriot Act.
Read more on him also; here's a bibliography on Dinh also.

Nov 11 9, 2004: Author/Historian Iris Chang Dies.
Here's her 10 June 2003 Subversity interview,

where she talks about researching and writing The Chinese in America: .

Oct 17/18, 2004: Films of Dang Nhat Minh [leaflet in Word doc format]
Dang Nhat Minh interviewed in Nguoi Viet 2 and Vietnam News

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