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Archived here are interviews by Subversity host Daniel C. Tsang as well as lectures and talks that are posted online exclusively and not broadcast. The broadcast edition of Subversity is archived elsewhere.

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  • Exploring the Sexual Underground

    An Asian American student, 19, who is of mixed Korean-German-Irish heritage, talks about exploring the sexual underground in West Hollywood as a porn actor and masseur. He discusses his performance, the difference with posing for erotic art, race, and being gay. Interview conducted 6 February 2005 in West Hollywood, California.

    To listen to part one: click here . [Huge file: over 20 minutes]
    To listen to part two: click here . [Smaller file].

  • Mary Dodge on UCI Fertility Clinic Scandal

    On November 10, 2003, in our first web edition of Subversity, we chatted with University of Colorado, Denver Assistant Prof. Mary Dodge, the co-author (with UCI's emeritus Prof. Gilbert Geis) of Stealing Dreams: A Fertility Clinic Scandal (Northeastern University Press, 2003). She looks into the cover-up by the UCI administration of the human eggs and embryos scandal of the 1990s, and the ensuing media scrutiny that led to the first firing of a tenured UC professor since the Mcarthy period.

    More information on the book is here: book info. The official UCI site on the scandal is still up here. To hear the show in RealAudio, click on: . [Beware: Huge file]

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