Post-Labor Day Special: KIWA fights for Workers' Rights

Irvine -- Subversity, a KUCI, 88.9 FM public affairs program, this evening presents a special Post-Labor Day edition, focusing on the efforts of the Korean Immgigrant Workers Advocates (KIWA) in organizing workers in Southern California. Subversity airs each Tuesday from 5-6 p.m. (Pacific Time in California). KUCI is now available live on the Web at: (URL may change in future), so it is no longer restricted to listeners in Orange County. You would still need a sound card on your computer, plus a reasonably recent Web browser.

This evening Subversity airs an interview with Roy S. Hong, a co-founder of KIWA, about the struggle of low-paid, often immigrant workers who struggle to survive in this urban landscape.

This past Sunday, the Los Angeles Times featured KIWA in its pages. KIWA can be reached at (213) 738-9050


Daniel C. Tsang Host,
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