Date: 2 September 2007

Labor Day Show: Focus on Vietnam

For our Labor Day show, KUCI's Subversity show focuses on labor in Vietnam, as the forces of globalization converge on changing work and working conditions in that country. We chat with Prof. Angie Ngoc Tran, of CSU Monterey Bay, whose field is political economy. Her web profile (at CSUMB:, describes her work, inter alia:

"As an activist scholar, she dedicates her work to the improvements of workers' working and living conditions, especially those of women workers in Vietnam and worldwide. She publishes on labor-management relations, labor strikes, gendered division of labor and migrant workers in Vietnamese textile and garment industries, as well as transnational assembly work in electronics and garment industries in California and Vietnam. She commits to empowering migrant workers (in Vietnam and the U.S.), strengthening the Vietnamese labor unions and helping them build transnational coalitions with global labor movements and unions for human decency, social justice, economic and gender equity.

"Her 2005 book chapter, "Sewing for the Global Economy: Thread of Resistance in Vietnamese Textile and Garment Industries" [in Critical Globalization Studies, Routlege] demonstrates that Vietnamese migrant workers, relying on their solidarity and historical resistance tradition, organize and fight against mobile global capital, with or without labor unions' assistance. Her ongoing works focus on the significance of native place, kinship & social networks, and gender in migrant labor organizing to respond to different types of capital entering into Vietnam. She also examines the rising dynamic roles of Vietnamese labor newspapers and local labor unions in supporting labor organizing and collective action in an emerging civil society in Vietnam." The show airs at 9 am on Monday, 3 September 2007, on 88.9 fm in Orange County, California, and is webcase simultaneously via

Archived editions of recent Subversity programs are available online, many as mp3 audio files:

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