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AIDS Activist Wan Yanhai's Disappearance: Implications for Civil Society formation

News reports from China indicate that AIDS and gay rights activist Wan Yanhai has gone missing, apparently detained by local authorities in Bejing since last Friday, on the eve of an international workshop he was organizing, now cancelled, on AIDs and blood transmission. In 2002, he was arrested and detained for about a month after he circulated a report on the serious situation in Henan Province relating to AIDS transmission, where thousands of villagers were infected.

On our next edition of Subversity, this Monday, November 27, 2006 from 9-10 am west coast time, we'll discuss his pioneering work organizing a local Chinese NGO, most recently Beijing Zhiaixing Information Counseling Center (the former Beijing Aizhixing Health Education Institute), that provides AIDS education and advocacy in China, which faces a rising AIDS epidemic, according to latest United Nations projections.

His NGO is the recipient of grants from a host of foundations in the west and is also supported by the British Embassy. He was also a New Century Fulbright Scholar in 2001 when he explored sexual abstinence education promoted by the Unification Church and others in China. He was also a visiting scholar at the Center for Feminist Research at USC (1997-1998).

Wan, who has lived in Orange County and in Los Angeles, is profiled in the San Jose Mercury News in an essay written by the host of Subversity.

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He is a previous guest on a Subversity Show on Political Spying that aired on January 20, 1998. He is interviewed in the second half-hour of the audio.

Subversity first aired on KUCI in September 2003.


Observer (UK) story:
Top China Aids critic 'is seized'

London Times story:
Police Snatch AIDS Campaigner

Washington Post story:
AIDS Activist Is Detained On Eve of Meeting in China

Research paper:
"The Limits of Official Tolerance: The Case of Aizhixing" by Albert Chen

Wan's NGO

His NGO's 2005 report

Fulbright entry on Wan

Photos of Wan in 1997-98

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