Domestic Surveillance and Covert Action

Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 16:43:59 -0800 (PST)

Irvine -- In the wake of earlier abuses of our First Amendment rights to protest, domestic surveillance in the U.S. was thought to have been outlawed some three decades ago. Today, the President boldy claims he has a legal right to spy on Americans. Is that so?

KUCI's Subversity, a public affairs show, delves into the issue of covert action and domestic surveillance with an investigative journalist who has tracked state covert action for decades, and a lawyer who has been active in the defense of civil liberties in national security cases.

On our show slated for Monday, January 23 from 9-10 a.m. Pacific time, on KUCI, 88.9 FM in Orange County, California, and is webcast simultaneously via

Show host Dan Tsang, himself an earlier target of CIA spying, chats with Louis Wolf, a founder of Covert Action Quarterly, and Brittany Benowitz. a lawyer who's an Equal Justice Works fellow with the Center for National Security Studies, a non-profit advocacy group that works to p$event excessive government secrecy, assure effective oversight of intelligence agencies, protect the right of political dissent and prevent illegal government surveillance. Tsang's successful 1990s ACLU lawsuit against the CIA uncovered CIA domestic surveillance on an American citizen despite assurances on the CIA's web site to the contrary. (Full disclosure: Tsang compiled an index to the first 12 issues of Covert Action Information Bulletin, the earlier permutation of CAQ, and has in the past been a contributor to the magazine.)

Wolf was also co-editor of Dirty Work and Dirty Work 2, two volumes exposing CIA covert action abroad. Before attending law school, Benowitz worked for an activist group investigating psychiatric abuse in Latin America and Eastern Europe.

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