Remembering actor Leslie Cheung; Vietnamese Director Do Minh Tuan Irvine -- As the U.S./U.K. invasion of Iraq continues unabated, we mourn the deaths of those killed in the unnecessary war. We also mourn those killed in the spreading SARS epidemic, which has struck Hong Kong particularly strongly. And today, some more sad news from Hong Kong: Actor Leslie Cheung committed suicide today in Hong Kong.

On Subversity today, we plan to talk with Vancouver-based Hong Kong film scholar Helen Leung about Cheung's life and his bringing onto the screen depictions of a queer sensibility, in such films as Happy Together, and Farewell My Concubine.

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We will also air an interview with Hanoi director Do Minh Tuan, whose Foul King, a drama about romance in a rubbish dump, is screening at the Newport Beach Film Festival. Foul King (Vua Bai Rac) screens Thursday, April 10 at 5:00 PM at the Lido Theater in Newport Beach.

Do Min Tuan is a Rockefeller Fellow at the William Joiner Center For The Study of War and Social Consequences at the University of Massachusetts in Boston. The center is the target of a federal lawsuit by rightwing forces in Little Saigon over its offer of fellowships to scholars from Vietnam.

We dedicate this show to two American heroes, journalist Peter Arnett, who dared speak the truth about the invasion of Iraq, and U.S. Marine Lance Cpl Stephen Funk (half Pilipino), whose conscience prevents him from participating in killing. He turned himself in today to military authorities in San Jose.


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Arnett is hired by Daily Mirror

Article on conscientious objector Funk:,1282,-2526375,00.html

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