Chris Cox Talks Back

Irvine -- Upset at the characterization of the Cox Report as racially profiling Asian Americans, Christopher Cox (R-Irvine), a seven-term conservative Congressman seeking re-election, talks about the report and his votes in Congress.

Cox, interviewed on the KUCI public affairs radio program Subversity, denies he's a China basher for chairing the committee that wrote the 1999 report or for raising the issue of human rights in China. Although he voted for the Defense of Marriage Act, he denies he is a gay basher. On the show, he discusses with interviewer Dan Tsang issues such as education versus war; sodomy and gambling statutes, CIA and NSA domestic spying, the USA Patriot Act, and the civil liberties of American citizens incarcerated without access to lawyers. He defends taking contributions from Big Tobacco (such as Philip Morris) and supporting Republican insurance commissioner candidate Gary Mendoza. Both Cox and Mendoza were lawyers for failed pension fund that came under scrutiny for bilking retirees. Cox also defends a 1995 securities law he wrote, a law the L.A. Times described (July 21, 2002) as providing a "safe harbor for fraud".

The show airs today (Tuesday, October 29, 2002) from 4-5 p.m. on KUCI, 88.9 fm in Orange County, and on the Web via

The show previously announced with historian and UCI prof. Mike Davis (Dead Cities) is being rescheduled.

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