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U.S. Atrocities in Philippines Subject of Upcoming Film

Irvine -- History and memory are themes explored in Filipino director Gil M. Portes's films. But what does Mark Twain have to do with it? (Read on..)

On Subversity this afternoon, we chat with director Portes, in an interview taped during the Newport Beach Film Festival earlier this year.

Two of his films aired at the festival: In the Bosom of the Enemy and Markova: Comfort Gay. Both deal with World War II. [Review at:]

But his next project is a redramatization of U.S. military atrocities in the Philippines, beginning in 1901 when U.S. forces massacred thousands of Filipino villagers what has become the "Bells of Balangiga" atrocities. [The numbers mentioned in my film review refer to just one incident.] The "Bells" refer to church bells seized by the U.S.military that the inhabitants now want back.

This incident also led Mark Twain (active in the Anti-Imperialist League) to speak out.

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