Subversity Show Listing, 1993 to mid-1997

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Fall 1993 [each half-hour audiotape]

Winter/Spring/Summer 1994 [each 1-hour audiotape, except for February 22]

Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall 1995 [each 1-hour audiotape]

1996 [each 1-hour audiotape]

  • 1997 March 18 Jocelyn Elders, "Prostitution Conference Talk"

    On Jan. 4, 1994, we broadcast portions of Noam Chomsky's lecture, and introductory remarks by William H. Schaap and Louis Wolf at Covert Action Quarterly's 15th Anniversary held on December 10, 1993, in Washington, D.C. An audiotape of the entire event is available directly from Covert Action Quarterly, 1500 Massachusetts Ave NW, #732, Washington, D.C. 20005, USA, for US$10.

    On various dates, we broadcast the lecture given September 23, 1994 at Midnight Special Bookstore in Santa Monica, Calif., by former CIA officer Philip Agee and CovertAction Quarterly co-founder Louis Wolf. The entire audiotape spans two hours.

    Audiotapes of the Agee/Wolf lecture and other programs listed above are available from Daniel Tsang, PO Box 28977, Santa Ana CA 92799-8977, USA; or send queries online below.

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