Subversity Guests: Photo Gallery

Host Dan Tsang in April 2002; photo by Pablo Serrano

Here are a few of the guests who appeared on Subversity: Interviewees or those whose lectures were broadcast. Photographs that are by Daniel C. Tsang (identified with an asterisk, *) are copyright © 1993-2003 by Daniel C. Tsang.

Norma Jean Almadova*, prostitution rights advocate

Justin Chin, poet and performance artist

Ramsey Clark, former U.S. Attorney General

K. Alison Clarke-Stewart, UCI psychologist

Mike Davis*, historian and UCI Prof. | Davis* at Lecturers' Rally

David Dellinger, Chicago 7 defendant; anti-war activist

Arthur Dong, independent documentary filmmaker

Gerwin Gatpandan, actor bare-chested

Paul Gilroy*, social critic on right.

Amy Goodman, Pacifica reporter and show host

Stanley Kwan, film director

Dez Kwok, gay Chinese American web personality Poizon Azn

Ralph McGehee, ex-CIA operations officer turned CIA critic

Bruce Mirken, freelance journalist

Bao Nguyen, UCI student activist

Paul Pflueger, schoolteacher

Danny Silverman*, censorware buster

Jason J. Tobin, actor

Tran Van Truong, videostore owner

Ryan and Hanson Truong* ("The Twins"), singers | Another version*

William Walker, former U.S. Ambassador | Another photo, on right

Wan Yan Hai* [also known as Wan Yanhai], AIDS activist | at March 1997 Prostitution Conference* | online* | USC leaflet

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