Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 11:37:10 -0700 (PDT)

UCLA pay-docking story update

Our October 5 show on Jonnie Hargis, the library assistant (not librarian) at UCLA whose pay was docked for a week after he responded to a mass e-mail with one defending Palestinians, has led to follow-up stories by media outlets nationwide that contacted Subversity. Many had seen our press release on the Technology and Politics list by Declan McCullough. In addition, the Daily Californian today ran a story on the case.

Our Oct 5 interview on Subversity with Hargis is now archived on the Subversity RealAudio archive page:
Click on Latest Archived Show.

Here is the UCLA Library policy that was sent to Hargis the same day he was suspended, September 14. It's cited in some of the articles. UCLA released a copy to AP.


To:	Unit Plus (for staff distribution)

Please remind your staff that sending unsolicited emails containing 
political, religious, or even patriotic messages to groups such as 
units, departments, or other library lists is an unacceptable use of 
library email.   This is true for messages which are original, 
forwarded, and responses to other messages.

Recipients of these unsolicited email messages may have very different 
views and should not be subjected to what they may interpret as 
electronic harrassment by other library staff members.  While this is 
particularly important now during this national crisis, it is a general 

Alison Bunting
Janice Koyama
Terry Ryan
Rita Scherrei
Jan Wildman


The follow-up coverage:

1. Daily Californian (UC Berkeley):

UCLA Librarian Appeals Suspension For Mass E-mail Letter Sent to Co-Workers Criticized U.S. Foreign Policy Discuss this article in the Daily Cal forums. By SARAH MOURRA Daily Cal Staff Writer Monday, October 15, 2001 ....

2. AP story:
College staff find chilling free speech climate
October 13, 2001 Posted: 3:42 PM EDT (1942 GMT)


3. Democracy Now in Exile! October 11, 2001 show"43:56.2"

    * Jonnie Hargis, suspended for a week without pay from his position as
research librarian at UCLA.
    * Liza Go, union representative at the Coalition Of Union Employees.


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