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Instructions for putting a KUCI site on tumblr

1. create a tumblr blog

2. think up a web address like (some hints: 1. based on your show name 2. shorter the better)

3. send the below in an email to to setup your address.

Be sure to replace *SITE* and *YOUR NAME* with your info…

- - - -
Subj: DNS Request (tumblr)

Can you create the following DNS entry for *SITE*
- A-record pointing to


- - - -

4. Make changes in tumblr

Login to tumbler and…
1. Click through to Dashboard
2. click on your tumblr blog’s name next to “Dashboard" at the top
3. click “Settings" in the right hand sidebar
4. hit checkbox for “use a custom domain name" and type in the domain name, hit Save Preferences

It may take 72 hours for the web address to become active.