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New the the KUCI Punk Library
June 16, 2015
by: Tommy DeSilva

Anti-Flag - American Spring - [Spinefarm Records]
Anti-Flag is a Punk Rock band from Pittsburg, PA. Their new album American Spring, which marks the band’s first new studio release in over 3 years, is a really awesome an energetic record that truly shows that Anti-Flag still can and should be considered as one of the top Punk Rock acts on the scene today. Characterized by upbeat drumming, catchy guitar hooks, and angst filled vocals, the sounds heard on this album can be compared to those heard by many other well-known Punk Rock bands such as: Rise Against, 88 Fingers Louie, NOFX, Good Riddance, and Strung Out. If you are looking for something that’s fast, loud, exciting, and that has a bit of a political undertone, this is most definitely the record for you! Tracks to definitely check out on this album include: “Fabled World,” “The Great Divide,” “Brandenburg Gate,” “Song For Your Enemy,” and “Believer.”

Superheaven - Ours Is Chrome - [SideOneDummy Records]
Superheaven is an Alternative Rock/Grunge band from Bucks County, PA. Their new album Ours Is Chrome is a really awesome record that has received quite a bit of positive feedback from the punk rock community. What makes this album really unique is how the band switches up their sound in-between songs and within songs from a soft, somber, and melancholy sound to a more loud, raw, and distorted sound, and vice versa. With that being said, Superheaven’s sound can be compared to that of quite a few bands on the scene right now whose sound combines elements of ‘90s Grunge with elements of Emo, Pop Punk, and sometimes Hardcore Punk as well. These bands include: Basement, Balance And Composure, Daisyhead, and Adventures. Tracks to definitely check out on this record include: “I’ve Been Bored,” “Next To Nothing,” “All The Pain,” and “Dig Into Me.”

Turnover - Peripheral Vision - [Run For Cover Records]
Turnover is an Alternative/Emo band from Virginia Beach, VA. Their new album Peripheral Vision is a really awesome record that can be characterized by upbeat and catchy guitar riffs, soft and soothing vocal melodies, and emotionally charged lyrics. Throughout their 6 year career, Turnover’s sound has been one that is constantly evolving. Ever since the release of their first full length album Magnolia in 2013, Turnover has slowly began to move away from their original Pop Punk sound and move towards a more Emo/Dream Pop sound. With this newest release, Turnover has finally abandoned their original sound and taken on a sound that a lot of bands within the Pop Punk scene have been experimenting with as of late including: Title Fight, Citizen, Pentimento, Tigers Jaw, and Basement. Despite the fact that Turnover has moved away from their original sound, Peripheral Vision is still one my favorite releases of 2015. Tracks to definitely check out on this album include: “Cutting My Fingers Off,” “New Scream,” “Humming,” “Hello Euphoria,” and “Take My Head.”

The Story So Far - The Story So Far - [Pure Noise Records]
The Story So Far is a Pop Punk band from Walnut Creek, CA. Their new self-titled album, which marks the band’s first new full length release in over 2 years as well as their third full length release on Pure Noise Records, is a really awesome record that can be characterized by catchy guitar riffs, angst filled vocals, and emotionally charged lyrics. Despite the 2 year break from the studio, The Story So Far has showed no signs of letting off the gas. In fact, while listening to this record, longtime fans of The Story So Far can distinguish a new sense of maturity in the band’s sound, not just lyrically, but musically as well. This showcases how talented this band really is. If you are a fan of Pop Punk, this is a record that you do not want to sleep on! Tracks to definitely check out on this album include: “Smile,” “Heavy Gloom,” “Solo,” “Mock,” and “Nerve.”

The Rezillos - Zero - [Metropolis Records]
The Rezillos are a Punk Rock/New Wave band from Edinburgh, Scotland. Their new album Zero, which marks the band’s first new release in over 36 years, is a really catchy and upbeat record that can be appreciated by any fan of Punk Rock, New Wave, or just Rock and Roll in general. Characterized by loud and distorted guitars, upbeat dreaming, and haunting vocal melodies, Zero pays homage to many other well-known Punk Rock, New Wave, and Alternative bands such as: The Cramps, Blondie, X, and The Ramones. Tracks to definitely check out on this album include: “Groovy Room,” “Life’s A Bitch,” “You’re So Deep,” “Animal,” and “Sorry About Tomorrow.”

Needs - Needs - [File Under: Music]
Needs are a Punk Rock band from Vancouver, BC. Their debut self-titled album, which was just released courtesy of FUM (File Under: Music), is a really awesome record that can be characterized by loud and distorted guitars, upbeat drumming, and screaming vocals. While Needs tend to keep things pretty simple in most of their songs, they are still able to distinguish themselves from a lot of the up and coming Punk Rock bands on the scene right now because of the sheer energy that they are able to deliver in each and every one of their songs. Tracks to defiantly check out on this album include: “Rescue Don,” “Walk, Cycle or Take Transit Like Jehu,” “Clowns to the left of Me, Dzhokhars to the Right,” “N.E.E.D.S.,” and “We Forgot the Records to Our Record Release Show.”


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