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Spotlight on Michaela Holland
KUCI News Director and host of Campus Skinny, Monday 5-6pm
by: Barbara DeMarco-Barrett

Tell us about the Campus Skinny.
The Campus Skinny is your hour of guilt-free news all about UC Irvine. What I love most about the show is the variety of KUCI members, student volunteers, and community members that are on the air. Some are consistent for our listeners week to week and others surprise the listeners in their spontaneity on air. This variety allows for different levels of energy, creativity, and news on the air! From boba stands to refugee awareness, we help recap and promote anything regarding UC Irvine.

How did the idea for the show come about?
I felt that the previous half hour long KUCI News show was not long enough. I decided that the News needed to focus on one area and perfect logistics and organization before the department broadened the span of coverage. I decided that the UCI campus had a lot of easy accessible news to start as the experimental grounds for an hour-long news segment. In the future, I hope to widen the scope to Orange County news as well.

And how did you come to find KUCI?
I was recommended to get involved with KUCI by faculty member Carol Burke, after I inquired about more broadcast opportunities on campus.

You're the KUCI news director. What does that entail?
ALOT OF EMAILS! I see myself as less of a director and more of a facilitator/producer. I not only find and compile breaking news for my opening segment of the Campus Skinny, but I also edit, produce, and compile the numerous segments I receive from my wonderful contributors. (The producer side of things) I also empower my staff and volunteers by helping them hone their interests into news items, train them to be self-sufficient, and also answer any questions or concerns. (The facilitator side of things). Lastly, I upload items and content to our KUCI News website.

What's the most fun about the job? The least fun?
To piece together an hour-long news show every week is one of the most amazing puzzles that I have the privilege to do.
The least fun: having to remind people about FCC rules and regulations.

Back to your show, do you take calls on the air?
Yes! As well as comments and emails from our website!

Likewise, what do you hear from listeners?
Everyone who I have spoken to that listens to the Campus Skinny really enjoy the range of voices and topics on our show.

Do you have a favorite, or top three, news clips?
1) Clips of Keegen Michael-Key speaking to UCI Drama students for the end of Coup de Comedy Festival. He was talking about working with President Obama as his anger translator.
2) Clips of the student protest that happened recently during the Israeli Independence Day Festival at UC Irvine.
3) Clips from the Candlelight Nepal Vigil that was held after the Nepal Earthquake

What shows at KUCI do you listen to?
La Matinee, Radio Internationale, Mosaic of Sound, World Without Words

Other than KUCI, what sort of radio do you listen to?
I listen to a lot of Christian worship stations in the car.

What would surprise listeners about you?
I actually left UC Irvine during 2014 to work on Disney Cruise Line as a dancer.

Barbara DeMarco-Barrett is host of Writers on Writing, Wednesdays at 9 a.m., and a contributor to USA Noir: Best of the Akashic Noir Series (Akashic, 2013). Watch the book trailer at penonfire.com.


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