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New in the KUCI Punk Library
March 6, 2015
by: Tommy DeSilva

Adventures – Supersonic Home - [Run For Cover Records]
Adventures are an Alternative/Emo band from Pittsburgh, PA. After officially signing to Run For Cover Records and releasing a split with Pity Sex last year, Adventures have finally released their highly anticipated debut full length album Supersonic Home. Characterized by its catchy guitar riffs, emotional lyrics, and soothing melodies, Supersonic Home is a really awesome record that has certainly surpassed all of its expectations and that appeals to fans of all different types of music (Emo, Post-Hardcore, Punk, Indie, etc). What sets this album apart more than anything else is lead vocalist Reba Meyers’ amazing voice, which isn’t really showcased in her other band Code Orange, where she does a lot of screaming as opposed to singing. This isn’t a bad thing; it’s just hard to imagine her having a soft side after hearing her voice in Code Orange. If you are a fan of Motion City Soundtrack, Basement, You Blew It!, or Modern Baseball, this is most definitely the record for you! Tracks to definitely check out on this album include: “Heavenly,” “Your Sweetness,” “Absolution, Worth Requited,” and “Tension.”

The Black Lantern – We Know The Future – [Wiener Records]
The Black Lantern is a Punk Rock band from Long Beach, CA. Their new album We Know The Future is a loud and energetic record that can be characterized by its distorted guitars, powerful drumming, and angst filled vocals. What makes this album unique is how each song sounds a little bit different than the last. Some songs are pretty upbeat and have more of a punk feel to them, while others are pretty heavy and have more of a Hard Rock feel to them. With that being said, the listener is able to pick out a wide variety of influences while listening to this record including: The Germs, X, Rage Against The Machine, The Foo Fighters, and Sleater-Kinney. Tracks to definitely check out on this album include: “A Black Light,” “On Your Knees,” “Helicopter,” and “Devolution.”

Rotting Out – Reckoning – EP - [Pure Noise Records]
Rotting Out is a Hardcore Punk band from San Pedro/Los Angeles, CA. Their new EP Reckoning is a hard edged, fast paced, and in your face record that can be characterized by its upbeat drumming, aggressive breakdowns, and screaming vocals. What sets this EP apart more than anything else is the sheer intensity of Rotting Out’s lead singer Walter Delgado’s voice, which packs a harder punch than anything else on this album. If you are a fan of Pennywise, Suicidal Tendencies, Sick Of It All, or The Circle Jerks (who the band covers on this EP), you should definitely check this record out! Tracks to definitely check out on this album include: “Born,” and “End Of The Road.”



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