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New in the KUCI Goth Library
May 12, 2014
by: Valerie

AMBASSADOR21 - Riot Generation - (A21 Records/Restroom Records)
The Belarusian duo hits you hard in the face with their latest onslaught against the corrupt systems in place in the world. They fuse hardcore with the industrial noise that keeps them returning to Industrial festivals in what has been described as a sonic Molotov cocktail.

AR12 - Against Your Better Judgment - (CRL Studios)
First full-length album from Australia's AR12. Don't let the intro track fool you with its eerily sinister sounds, AYBJ is beat-heavy and drives hard with the terror vocal style hellektro is known for. You will be on your feet in no time, and be prepared to hit the floor hard.

Various Artists - CRL Studios Presents: 3DOROVIE - (CRL Studios)
Fellow artists contributed their music to this collection to help Alexey Protasov (AMBASSADOR21) in his fight with cancer. Features songs from CRL Studios artists Lucidstatic, iammynewt, Human Error and more.

[Aphelion] - Eventide - (CRL Studios)
Hailing from the Netherlands, [Aphelion] offers up the follow-up release to last year's full-length "Transmissions" with Eventide. Let it be a shadowy background to your transition from Winter's cold into Spring adventures as Eventide swirls just enough hazy ambient to your ears.

?P?LLY?N'S ?IS?GE - DE?OUR - (CRL Studios)
DE?OUR is the first full-length album from the Alberta duo ?P?LLY?N'S ?IS?GE, which brings the deep cold darkness to the light. Let the creepy vocals fill your head as they transport you back to the horror films that kept you awake all night.

Gheists - Totem - (Self-Released)
Totem highlights the blending of various electronic styles by pairing the trap beats and breathy trip hop vocals with the dark eeriness of witch house.

Contaminated Intelligence - Worn Teeth - (Self-Released)
A single from the upcoming sophomore album "Prepare" is unleashed upon us in Worn Teeth, which includes remixes by artists Black Sheep Screaming and ATTRITION. This gritty track is given varying shades of heavy-hitting experimental industrial sounds with each version giving the song a different light to stand in.


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