On line comics we like here at
"Hey, Your Nose is On Fire."

Seven times a week

The Devil's Panties The Devil's Panties
Like it says there, it's not satanic porn.
It's rather the day-to-day adventures of Jennie
Breeden, the author and artist of the comic.
Comics Monday through Friday, then extra stuff on the weekends

Kevin & Kell Kevin & Kell
A rabbit and a wolf marry and raise a family.
Two decades after its start, it's still one of the finest comics out there.

Phoebe and her Unicorn Phoebe and her Unicorn
D.C. Simpson, formerly of the lovely and
talented webcomic "Ozy & Millie,"
has sold out in the best possible way by
getting her latest strip picked up and
distributed through Universal Press
Syndicate. It stars a young girl and
a snarky unicorn pressed into service
as her best friend.

Skin Horse Skin Horse
This one, from Shaenon Garrity & Jeffrey Channing Wells,
concerns the day-to-day workings of a secret government
agency given a mandate to deal with cases of oddly-
developed sapience. Or something.
They do comics Monday through Saturday and ''pin-up'' art on Sunday. They also have a back-up page over at GoComics.

S.S.D.D. S.S.D.D.
This one's so story-intensive, I usually let Alan Foreman
go on about his business for five or six months, then
catch up all at once. Also, be aware that there's
swearing, violence, and sexual innuendo aplenty here, but
some of the best-written characters in webcomics, too.
Due to folks meeting his Patreon goals, we get strips every day!

Three times a week

Daily Grind Daily Grind
Howlett Creager is a snake with a dream: helping
folks get back up when the "daily grind" is getting
them down. A tall order, all told...
I've dropped out of the Daily Grind Competition, so the comic's going Monday-Wednesday-Friday for a while.

Faux Pas Faux Pas
Randy is a trained fox who acts in movies.
Cindy is a wild vixen who lives in the
woods around the farm where Randy lives.
These are their adventures as written and
drawn by Robert and Margaret Carspecken.
New strips Monday, Wednesday and Friday most of the time. They've also got a back-up site for those times when they need it.

Freefall Freefall
Sam's an alien, Florence is a genetically-
altered Bowman's wolf, and Helix is a
robot. Science, jokes, drama, pathos:
Mark Stanley's comic's got it all.
New strips Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Friendship is Dragons Friendship is Dragons
This is simply the cartoon series "My Little Pony: Friendship
Magic" reimagined as a tabletop roleplaying game. The art is
images taken directly from the show, and Newbiespud writes new
dialogue. All pretty fun.
New pages Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

Gunnerkrigg Court Gunnerkrigg Court
Antimony is attending school at
Gunnerkrigg Court, a very British,
shadow-filled place of mystery
and intrigue. Think "Harry
Potter" meets "Courtney Crumrin..."
Tom Siddell's does new pages Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Modest MedusaModest Medusa
Jake finds a li'l humanoid snake monster hiding
in his closet, and even though they don't get along
all that well, she ends up staying at his place. The
comic's done by Jake Richmond, but he assures us it's
not based on his life.
A new strip every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Sluggy Freelance Sluggy Freelance
Torg, Riff, Zoe, Kiki the ferret, Aylee the alien, Bun Bun the psychotic rabbit, etc.
Pete Abrams is more or less on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule at this point.

Twice a week

Chuck Melville's Comics Champion of Katara and Felicia, Sorceress of Katara
Chuck Melville's always been just about my
favorite artist, and now he's got a page
where he's putting up a variety of his comics.
Champion of Katara is scheduled to update with a page every Tuesday while Felicia updates every Sunday.

Fox Fox & Willow
Willow is a bard with a mysterious
past, and her companion Fox is,
well, a fox. Much of the time, that is...

This is lovely, lovely stuff from writer Allison Pang and artist Irma Ahmed. They update twice a week, often on Tuesday and Friday...

Once a week

Gypsy Gypsy!
Puppets performing Sondheim, motherly devotion manifested
with a rope around an ankle, and the mysterious Dr. Ziggy:
John Peters was telling a pretty amusing story over at Girlamatic before Girlamatic
vanished, but now he's moving everything to his new website,
Mooncow Comics,
It looks like he's putting a page up every Wednesday.

Never SatisfiedNever Satisfied
In an unnamed city where a fair
percentage of the human populace
has a talking animal associate and
can use magic, a number of young
people are involved in a competion
to become the new "protector."
There's lots of other drama
going on as well.
Taylor Robin puts up a new page every Monday.

This is another one that I do, which
oughtta make you suspicious right
off the bat: the adventures of
a bird, a lizard, a tree, and a rock.
And they have more adventures than
you might think...

New pages appear every Monday on the main site as well as on Blogspot.

Uh-oh, it's a Dinosaur Uh-oh, it's a Dinosaur
Paul is a neurotic cartoonist working in big-box retail.
Kyra is a genetically-engineered lizardy thing who used
to read Paul's comic in the newspapers lining her cage.
So when Kyra decides to escape from captivity, she of course
mails herself to Paul. And their adventures begin.

Andrew Bilitz does a couple or three pages every Monday at this point, and pretty darn humorous pages they are, too!

At Random Intervals: strips that update
here and there, now and then, once in a while

The Abominable Charles Christopher The Abominable Charles Christopher
Charles is a sasquatch--or possibly a yeti--
and, while he's not very bright, he's got
a heart as big as all outdoors. Karl
Kerschl chronicles his adventures and those
of his fellow woodland creatures.
He's slips in a strip whenever he has time between his actual comic work.

College Roomies from Hell College Roomies from Hell
This one's sort of grown on me--like some
flesh-devouring fungus, in fact. Give it
a try whether you went to college or not.
Maritza Campos updates whenever she has a page finished.

Outsider Outsider
A real rip-snorter of a space opera.
This is actual comics here, folks...
Jim Francis has been doing about a page a month of late, so I'd call that random...

Sabrina On-Line Sabrina On-Line
Sabrina's a skunk, Amy's her squirrel
roommate, and Thomas, a wolf, is Amy's
new husband. It's life and love among
young semi-professionals in a talking
animal world, and you should probably be
over 18 to read it: adult situations and like that.
After 20 years, Eric Schwartz is hanging up the monthly comic grind and just doing stories here and there, now and then.

Shivae Shivae!
Tiffany Ross has been doing webcomics for about
as long as there have been webcomics, but
this is the first one of hers I've gotten into. Dragony
dinosaurish sorta folks along with griffins and unicorns
and all these mythological critters: very nice stuff.

She's got three different storylines going on, but only works on one at a time: this link'll take you to the hub site for the whole series.

Tales of the Questor Tales of the Questor
Ralph Hayes has done another massive redesign to his website, so I can finally link directly
to Tales of the Questor!
The comics appear on various days and at various times.

TRU-Life AdventuresTRU-Life Adventures
Bob works with Jack and Kendall and Shane and Stephanie
at ToyMania, a large Toys-R-Us type retail outlet that
also appears to be some sort of temporal nexus being
fought over by a variety of mysterious groups. Andrew
Rothery combines humorous real-life work experiences
with random strangeness in a very refreshing fashion,
but make sure you start from the beginning on it...
With the Daily Grind contest over, he's trying for a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule but hasn't been managing.

The Boneyard: strips that've vanished
in one way or another

Acredale Acredale
One of my all-time favorite comic
books, Apathy Kat, is now being
reprinted on the web under its new
title! Stop by Club Acredale and
check out the kats and kittens!
So much of nothing new means down here it goes again.

The Adventures of Superhero Girl The Adventures of Superhero Girl
Superhero parody comics tend to miss with
me more than they hit, but Faith Erin Hicks
has a light touch and a laugh out loud sense
of the absurd. This is what it'd be
like to be a real-life superhero, I reckon!
She's gone "on hiatus" till summer.

Altermeta Altermeta
Your typical band of high school friends...
except they're all these dragonny sorta
folks instead of humans. Funny and gorgeously drawn.
Casey Young's trying for an update every Wednesday, but that hasn't happened in a while now....

Anthem Anthem
Adie likes to kill things, but in
a scientific fashion. Most of the
time, that is. She's very good at
it and also has wolves living in her
brain. The writer/artist has decided
that she'd like to become a bit more
pseudonymous, so we'll just call her
Adie Spiffystuff for now...

Her life has become such that the comic is just about the last thing on her agenda.

Astronaut Elementary Astronaut Elementary
I used to read this one whenever I'd go to check things
on Girlamatic, but now that Dave Roman's moved to his own
site, I'll give him his own entry. A fine, fine comic.
It's been so long, I assume he's gone on to other things.

The Big Three-Oh The Big Three-Oh
I don't usually care much for these
non-fiction, journal-type, slice-of-life
comics, but Philippe Gaboury's really grabbed
me with this one: funny, well-drawn, the works.
He's taking some time off and doesn't know when he'll be back...

Biggest Webcomic Loser Biggest Webcomic Loser
It's not a value judgment of any sort, that
title, but rather a weight loss contest. A
bunch of webcartoonists have signed up to
lose a certain amount of weight, and viewers
are invited to pledge money per pound, money
which will then be donated to UNICEF. Good
comics, a good cause: can't beat it, says I.
This has not only stopped, but now the website has vanished. Alas...

Bite Me Bite Me
This one's run its course, a complete storyline all about
vampires in France during the time of the revolution. I
don't usually care for vampire stories, but Dylan Meconis
makes this just about the silliest comic I've read in a long time.
Now in the free section at Girlamatic.

Black Forest Black Forest
Another of the new ones on Girlamatic
in which Stevie Wilson has begun telling
us a bit of a werewolf yarn...
Seems to have vanished along with the entire Girlamatic site

Black Tapestries Black Tapestries
Lorelei is a vicious, foul-mouthed, killer-for-hire
who's also an immortal were-fox. And yet, Shana
Pinkelton somehow makes her a sympathetic character.
And it doesn't hurt that the story has a nice epic sweep to it....
She says she's pretty much given up on it, but might come back to it someday.

Carried by the Wind Carried by the Wind
The story reaches from Roman times to an era
of interplanetary travel--all with talking
animals, of course. Another dramatic one,
but Brent Bowser's got a real story to tell...
He's been "on hiatus" since May, 2005...

Clan of the Cats Clan of the Cats
The story of Chelsea Cattan, a young woman
who finds herself heir to, well, a curse,
not to put too fine a point on it.
Jamie Robertson's taking some time off, and frankly, I'm beginning to wonder why I'm still reading this comic... Anyway, I'll put it down here for now.

The Class Menagerie The Class Menagerie
Adventures at a college just like the one you
went to--just with talking animals.
The artist's called it quits on this one, but the strips are all still up, so go and read 'em if you haven't yet...

Count Your Sheep Count Your Sheep
Katie's a young girl, Ship is the
sheep she counts to fall asleep.
Adrian Ramos does some darn cute stuff.
He was back, but then he stopped again. He also has a centralized comic page, but he hasn't put anything on it for a couple years...

C. Ulture Shocked C. Ulture Shocked
Caroline Ulture is British, but she's
just moved to the U.S. It's everything she
feared--plus she's got a big green Anglophilic
monster living in her fridge. A new artist's
just signed on to draw the strip, too.
R.I.P., Selena - 06/28/04

Cul de Sac Cul de Sac
Maybe it's cheating to include an
actual newspaper comic on one's,
page of favorite webcomics, but the
newspaper we subscribe to doesn't
carry it. So if I don't link to Richard
Thompson's page at GoComics, I'll
never remember to read the thing.
It's pretty ding-dang amusing, too!
Mr. Thompson's Parkinson's disease has gotten to be too much, so the strip is now in repeats

Dawn of Time Dawn of Time
Dawn is your basic pre-historic
cavegirl, wandering about in your
basic pre-historic setting and having
a bunch of your basic pre-historic
adventures--as long as you don't mind
time-travelers, mysterious ruins, and
shining cities on the hill. This
one's pretty silly, all told.
Michael Stearns has brought the story to an end. But it's still there if you wanna go read it!

Demonology 101 Demonology 101
Raven's the new girl at school.
She's also not entirely human.
Well-written, nicely drawn: who
could ask for anything more?
The story's come to an end--for now. Here's hoping Faith Erin Hicks will return to the characters again someday...

A Doemain of Our OwnA Doemain of Our Own
I'm not sure how much of it's real and how much fictional,
but Susan Rankin and her alter ego Sue Buckland have each
gone through adventures both serious and comedic since 1999.
I sometimes get a little lost among the in jokes, but there's a lot of
good stuff in here.
She's wrapped the series up.

Dreamleak Dreamleak
A young girl, newly moved into the big city,
finds herself one night visiting someone
else's dream. Greg Fraser has just started
this one, but I'm really enjoying it.
He's wrapped it up but is hoping to return to it someday.

Dissonance Dissonance
A couple researchers at McMentor University stumble
across this odd feline/vulpine/canine creature.
Things are just beginning to happen, but Rae Bruner
has an interesting little story here.
Mondays and Fridays, she's trying for, but that very rarely happens.

Dramatic Paws Dramatic Paws
Another college-type strip, again with talking
animal folks but this time from the artist know
only as Seraph.
I've got the URL correct now, I hope...

Ebin & May Ebin & May
A deposed prince in hiding, magic, intrigue, romance:
you name it. Christina Hanson's comic has been one of my
favorites for years, and now you can read it on-line!
Back on the web courtesy of the fine folks at Radio Comix! She started from the beginning but then largely stopped as life got in the way.

Edmund Finney's Quest Edmund Finney's Quest to Find the Meaning of Life
The title on this one's pretty
self-explanatory. Mr. Finney is
wandering the globe in search of
whatever it is folks are searching
for when they go looking for the
Meaning of Life. This leads him into
a variety of humorous situations.
Dan Long does new pages every once in a great while.

Exotic Soup Exotic Soup
Four roommates suddenly turn into
various animals. Mike Rickard has
just started this one, but it's
pretty silly and nicely drawn to boot.

He says he updates "once a week or whenever I can," but it's been months and months. So down here it goes!

Exterminatus Now Exterminatus Now
The world of Sonic the Hedgehog filtered
through a haze of British cyberpunk humor.
I know next to nothing about the whole Sonic
mythos, but Stuart Edney, Martin Faulkner Alan Graham and Garry Webber collectively
know how to do "funny," and that's sold me on this one.
Alas, they wrapped up their final storyline.

Family Man Family Man
Dylan Meconis was the mad fiend behind
Bite Me!, one of the few things I've read
involving vampires that didn't make me
gag. So I'll be interested to see what
she's up to with this new one.
She's back with a new page every other Friday, and she's got a Tumblr page, too.

A Fierce Bad Rabbit A Fierce Bad Rabbit
Another journal comic--I seem to find them everywhere
these days--about Heather Riesen's days and nights
living and working in Los Angeles. Of course, she
draws herself as a rabbit and all the folks she meets
as other animals, but other than that, it's remarkably
true-to-life and well worth a look-see.
I haven't seen anything from her in over a year, so...

Filtered Fuzz Filtered Fuzz
Jared is vacationing with his grandmother
on the tropical island of Kampinq when he
attracts the attention of a frogoblim, one
of the local mythical monsters. Her name
is Maggot, and when she follows Jared back
home to the States, his life starts getting
interesting. Meghan Corbett's been doing
a fine job on this one.

She's trying to update on Mondays and Thursdays at this point, but that very rarely happens.

Fuzzy Knights Fuzzy Knights
A fine, fine photocomic. I mean, not only does Noah J.D. Chin shoot photos
of his stuffed animals playing D&D, but he's come up with an absolutely
logical explanation as to why stuffed animals would need to play D&D...
Currently on hiatus

Fuzzy Things Fuzzy Things
Eight young friends attend school.
The English gets a little odd sometimes,
but, well, Jonathan Sario's from the Philippines.
Just read it out loud and it works fine...
He hasn't put up a page in a long, long time.

Gags Gags
I've known Dan Goodsell, the guy behind
this comic, since 1980, and I've never
known him to be involved in anything
uninteresting. His webcomics are no
different. This one focuses on random
oddness, and who doesn't like that?
He's moved on to print comics and such at this point.

Galaxion Galaxion
Adventuring with the crew of the starship Galaxion!
Tara Tallan's restarted her comic book series and will be putting new pages up every other Tuesday.

Glorious Bountry Glorious Bounty
The adventures of as dysfunctional
a group of interstellar bounty
hunters as you'd ever wanna meet.
Though I'd recommend not actually
getting into a situation where
you might meet them...

Luke Milton and the Edward J. Grug III were doing this one, but now they're not.

Gone Astray Gone Astray
Very much based on the whole "Dungeons
and Dragons" thing, but with a fresh take
and some well-written characters. Tallulah
Cunningham, known as Melanippos, has put
together a nice fantasy adventure here.
She's restarted the strip, but it still doesn't seem to have a schedule.

Gossamer Commons Gossamer Commons
Keith Onzeker is a college drop-out trying
to be a writer in Ithaca, New York. Things
seem to be happening to him, however, that
he hadn't exactly planned on...
Eric Burns, the guy that brings us Websnark, and Peter Venables, seem to have abandoned the strip, so down here it goes.

Grand Blue Door Grand Blue Door
Fiona is staying for the summer
at the hotel run by her second-
cousin Edgar. It's not your
usual sort of resort...
Rebecca Veverka was determined to put up a page every Monday, but she hasn't in three months. So....

Grootlore Grootlore
In a land far, far away and long,
long ago, humans and human-like
folks live with talking dinosaurs
and dinosaur-like folks.

Supposed to be new strips Monday and Friday with other new stuff on Wednesdays, but that hasn't happened in months and months....

Hereville Hereville
Mirka wants to be a dragon slayer when
she grows up. If she's not careful, she
might just get what she wants. Barry
Deutsch was doing this one over at Girlamatic
for a while, but then he took some time off
and is re-starting it on his own.
He's finished the story, so if you haven't read it, please go do so!

Iceheart Iceheart
Lilia lives with her parents at the Inn at the Edge
of the World. Folks pass through on the way to their
adventures, but adventure can sometimes sneak up on a person...
Pancha & Elena Diaz seem to have given up on the story--or maybe they're just waiting for the long-rumored upgrade at Girlamatic. Either way, I think I'll put this here for now.

Inverloch Inverloch
Acheron is a da'kor--they're forest-dwelling, sort of
goat-dog people--who's promised an elf that he'll
find her long-lost childhood sweetheart. These are
his adventures, nicely written and well-drawn by Sarah Ellerton.
The story's come to an end, but if you haven't read it, please go and do so now!

Island Blues Island Blues
This one only lasted about 6 weeks,
but I enjoyed it. He seems to
have pulled up stakes completely,

Jack Jack
Jack leads the souls of the dead to
whatever afterlife is awaiting them.
Most "dramatic" comics leave me cold,
but David Hopkins walks the fine line
between overblown and underdone with his
characters, settings, artwork, everything.
Not at all for kids, but very well-done.
He's been "on hiatus" for quite some time now.

Jeepers Jeepers
Jeepers the rabbit and her friends have
odd adventures in your average Magical
Valley full of talking animals and such.
Andre Richard has wound the strip up, but he promises to have new comics on his new site soon! That's also where the final Jeepers stories are kept.

Jonny Crossbones Jonny Crossbones
Les McClaine did the wonderful comic book Highway 13
a couple years back, and now he's got this fine webcomic.
It's the the sort of stuff I might be doing with my
Daily Grind strip if I could draw: nice light adventure.
He's determined to have new material at least once a week throughout 2011, but alas, that hasn't been remotely the case.

Another from the Girlamatic stable,
this one about a young girl whose family owns and operates a circus.
A typical sort of story, you might think, but Lynn Lau tells it with
wonderful art, characters, writing, and humor. Can't beat it.
She's moving, so she figures it'll be a couple months before she's back on any sort of schedule.

Liberty Meadows Liberty Meadows
The comic strip has come to an end, but
the story continues in the comic book...
available at your local comic shop.

Li'l Mell & Sergio Li'l Mell and Sergio
Another one from Shaenon Garrity and various of her
fiendish associates: a brilliant six-year-old and a
slightly insane one attend the same school.
They're supposed to be back on Girlamatic with a new page every Wednesday, but that hasn't been happening lately.

Lilly Mouse Lilly Mouse
Lilly's gone off to the big city to
become a famous artist. Think of it
as the musical Rent without
music but with jokes and talking mice.
Here's an archive of the strip starting from the beginning.

Lizard Lizard
Lizard, his extended family, his co-workers,
and his friends, both human and otherwise,
live and work in New Jersey. A little dramatic,
but fun for the whole family.
Dave Kelly's brought the story to an end, but you can still go and read it if you haven't...

Lost & Found Lost & Found
Frank Chase runs Lost & Found Investigations
with his talking dog Max. I've actually been
reading this strip for a couple years now,
but it's so plot-oriented, I tend to let it go
a couple months, then check in and read
a bunch of strips all at once. But Matt
Milligan says he's gonna start updating much more
frequently, so I figured I'd put it here on the page.

After 10 years, he's wrapped it up.

Mechagical Girl Lisa A.N.T. Mechagical Girl Lisa A.N.T.
Like her creator, Ida Kirkegaard, Lisa is a student
in Copenhagen. Unlike her creator, Lisa gets
involved in the eternal struggle between the space
ants and the space termites. Another fine manga parody.
She's decided she'll only be putting up pages when she finishes them. So random it is!

My T-Shirt Fairy Tale My T-Shirt Fairy Tale
U works in his cousin's t-shirt shop and
dreams of dating Felix, a young woman of
his acquaintance. His opportunity finally
arrives, but things get a bit complicated
by their respective curses. Adrian Ramos is
one of my favorites, and he's just re-started
this one to its own site.
Another of his strips that he doesn't do anymore.

Mynarski Forest Mynarski Forest
Liska's the vixen there, and Skippy, the
rabbit, is her close companion and general
stooge in the mythical Canadian woodlands
of Mynarski Forest.
Richard Matheson's still putting up a strip every Monday, but they're strips from his archive with notes appended.

Narbonic Narbonic
Dave's graduated with a degree in
Computer Science, and the first job
he's offered puts him into the clutches
of Helen Narbon, Mad Scientist. Shaenon
Garrity is the best sort of mad--the
entertaining kind--so go read her strip.

After six years, she's finished. You can read the archives either with or without commentary, so let me recommend that you do.

No Rest for the Wicked No Rest for the Wicked
A nice, gently twisted little fairy tale: princesses,
a missing moon, cats wearing boots, the whole bit from the brain of Andrea L. Peterson.
She's trying to get back to a semi-regular posting pattern, so we'll call that "random"

One Swoop Fell One Swoop Fell
Topo the bear is walking in the woods one day
when a chubby yellow bird falls out of the sky
in front of him. Topo's not much of a carnivore,
though, so a nice little low-key adventure begins.
Mike Dutton's just gotten this one started, but I
definitely like it.
He's moved on to other projects, it looks like, but you can still enjoy the stuff he did...

Open Mike Night Open Mike Night
Another of the Daily Grind guys, Mike Stevens focuses
on his own adventures, both real and fictional, and
has developed this whole fantasy world scenario in
which the various Daily Grind participants are
all art ninjas or something with Stevens being assigned
to kill us as we drop out of the contest. Good stuff.
Computer problems forced him out of the Grind, and then he stopped posting

Ozy & Millie Ozy & Millie
Ozy's the arctic fox guy with the hat,
and Millie's the red fox girl next to him.
D.C. Simpson chronicles their adventures at
school and around neighborhoods just like the
the ones you grew up in--if your neighborhood
was full of talking animals, I mean...
The strip's come to an end as Simpson's moved on to other projects. Oh, and here's another link, too, for when the main one isn't working.

Pictures for Sad Children Pictures for Sad Children
John Campbell was involved in
the Daily Grind early on, and
he does the best stick figure
comics that can be done. He's
just started a new site for his
stuff, and I feel it would be
for the best were I to put up
a link to it.
He was going for a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule, but thing've slipped since then. Still, you can check his further thoughts and comics by visiting his LiveJournal site, his Tumblr page, and he'll even sometimes post stuff to Twitter.

Poppy O'Possum Poppy O'Possum
Poppy wants nothing more than to give her
daughter a quiet, stable home. I think
we all know that's not gonna work out...

Ian Everett hasn't done a page in quite a while. He also has a Tumblr account for news and questions and whatnot.

Pup Pup
Pup is the dog, the white cat is Kitzel,
and the black cat is Kratzer. Drew Weing
does the most amazing stuff with panel
arrangement and such, and the strip's
pretty funny to boot.
He hasn't updated in years, so I'll move the listing into the Boneyard here.

Raconteur Raconteur
Random comics from Karen Luk.
They've all be multi-page stories
so far, but each one's been
self-contained, something of
a rarity in this serial-loving
medium of ours. Interesting
to read and lovely to look
at: a winning combination.
She updates randomly both at Girlamatic and on her art blog...

Raine Dog Raine Dog
D.C. Simpson, the mind behind the recently
more-or-less concluded Ozy and Millie,
returns with something rather different but
still very nicely the same. Give it a look.
It's gone random, it looks like, but you can check Dana's Blog for more details and schedules and such

The Repository of Dangerous Things The Repository of Dangerous Things
Davis has gotten a job at the repository.
He has no idea what he's in for.
Amanda Hardy just decided to stop doing this one, but she's kept the archive up if you wanna go read something odd...

The Return of Dr. Dragonwagon The Return of Doctor Dragonwagon
The good doctor's been away for some time,
but that's all about to change. Another
one from a friend of mine, the redoubtable
Marilyn-Scott Waters.
Has run its course, but you can read the whole story over at Girlamatic.

Return of the Mad Bun Return of the Mad Bun
Rachel Hartman details the travels and adventures
of that notorious rogue and rapscallion--which word,
I hasten to remind the reader, has nothing to do
with hip-hop onions--the Mad Bun. Too much fun.
She's wrapped things up over at Girlamatic

Room for One More Room for One More
Fnaire Antbear comes to Critter
County, U.S.A. to attend college,
and the house she moves into turns out
to be somewhat trans-dimensional and
populated by all kindsa odd human and
non-human folks. I've just been enjoying
the heck outta this one. It gets a little
"on the nose" sometimes, but, well,
Fnaire is an anteater...

Eric Vary's brought the story to an end.

RPG World RPG World
Living in a computer role playing game.
I don't play 'em, but this is plain ol' well done.
Ian Jones-Quartey has moved on to other projects.

Saijiki Stories Saijiki Stories
The adventures of Mala, her pumpkin-headed friend
Jack Bales, and the various inhabitants of your basic
enchanted countryside. The stories start with
"Autumnside," but Leanne Opaskar has moved on from
there. Some fine and interesting tales.
She's working on the stories before she starts drawing them, so no comics for a while.

Action, adventure, and romance in a 19th century
not exactly our own. Tintin Pantoja used to do
this one over at Girlamatic, but she's on her own now.
She says she's doing a new page every Sunday, but that doesn't happen very often....

Skirting Danger
Skirting Danger
Courtney Brightland has moved to
New York City to become a superhero.
Or maybe a fashion designer:
she hasn't really decided which
yet. This one might be a
little "risque" for younger
viewers, but it's darn fun.

Meredith Gran has moved on to other things.

Raina Telgemeier is apparently telling us a story from her
own youth, a story involving teeth knocked out and put
back in. Slice-of-life doesn't get any better than this.
She's frozen the on-line version because Scholastic's published it on paper! But you can read some of it here still...

Sordid City Blues Sordid City Blues
Real-life adventures of a group of friends--at least,
they seem more real-life than most of the comics I
tend to read. Darn good stuff from Charles Schneeflock Snow.
Once again, real life has taken its toll...

A Sorta Wonderland A Sorta Wonderland
Not exactly "Alice in Wonderland," but sorta: the
bored little girl, the white rabbit, the cat guy with
the big sword... Just plain fun.
Her site has completely vanished at this point...

Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki
Yuuki is a young boy who's been turned
into a valkyrie. Fine American manga.
She just calls herself "Kittyhawk," and she seems to be running a chat room now instead of doing comics...

Sticks & Stones Sticks and Stones
I discovered this one through LiveJournal, but I'm
gonna give it its own entry here so I'll remember
to read it. Jordan Neufeld does some very odd
and silly stuff often involving zombies but not
always. Just plain fun.
Gone, gone, gone...

Strange Town Strange Town
Miles Pekala dropped out of the Daily Grind Competition
but I hope he keeps up with his comic.
He was supposed to be back, but it was not to be. You can still read his old comics, though!

Suburban Jungle Suburban Jungle
Tiffany Tiger is a temp who'd rather be a fashion model.
John Robey is determined to wind up the comic strip version of this this year--and indeed he did!

Tartpop Tartpop
One more former Daily Grind guy, Phil Redmon
does as fine a passel of surrealist comics
as you're ever likely to lay a lip over.
And if you don't find 'em here, he's
got a LiveJournal page, too.
He fell out of the contest and has become quite sporadic about his posting since.

Tasty Human Meat Tasty Human Meat
If you start at the beginning of this one, you'll find the usual
webcomic story of a guy, a robot, and some talking sausages.
Fine stuff, yes, but, then T.K. Longmire moves into his tales
of the "fishy apocalypse," and those are an extra crunchy
layer of fine. He's moved on from them now, though...
He's dropped out of the Daily Grind Competition, so he'll probably be updating his LiveJournal page if he keeps updating at all. And it looks like he isn't...

Tea Club Tea Club
At Fallon University, Hana Neko becomes involved
with Mr. Bear's Tea Club. All kindsa fun.
Phuong-Mai Bui-Quang's trying to get "back on track," but it doesn't look like that's happening...

The Tempest The Tempest Performed by the Royal Hamster Shakespeare Troupe
Edward J. Grug III is the pseudonym of another of the
Daily Grind guys. Just about everything he does is wonderful,
but I wanted to highlight this comic he's just begun: Shakespeare's
The Tempest performed by cartoon hamsters. Oh, yes!
He does a page whenever he's in the mood, and I for one am hoping he'll do the whole play!

Tile Tile
Tile is whatever the artist,
Maryanne Rose Papke, desires
her to be. Sometimes, she
has adventures. Sometimes,
she meets people and creatures.
Sometimes, she does little dances.
But it's always interesting
and usually more than a
little peculiar. And
who doesn't enjoy that?
She's moved on to other things...

Trains of Thought Trains of Thought
Stephen Burrell was another of the
folks involved in the Daily Grind
. His comic is part
diary, part philosophy, and part aimless
but interesting meandering. And
he does real nice pictures, too.
He stopped posting after he fell out of the contest, but I'm hoping he'll continue. He sometimes posts to his Livejournal page, too, when his usual page is being recalcitrant.

Undone Undone
Part dark urban fantasy, part "slice of life," but both parts
are done well, and I feel almost certain they'll come
together into a somewhat coherent whole.
Leticia Rocha has decided to go on to other projects, and now even the pages seems to be gone...

Unicorn Campaign Unicorn Campaign
A finished story over at Girlamatic,
this one concerns a village dealing with
the effects of unicorn sightings in the area.
Like I said, Rachael Moore's finished the thing up.

Vinny the Vampire Vinny the Vampire
This one's being drawn and co-written
by Traci Briery, one of our former
cast members. Vinny's just become
a vampire. But that doesn't mean
he doesn't have to make a living....

Has joined the ranks of the truly dead at this point...

Where Am I Now? Where Am I Now?
Sometime in the not-too-distant future, a plague
kills off the human race, leaving their robots
behind with no one left to serve. Jon Bakos
and Ross Smith explore this world and
do quite a fine job of it, too.
It's supposed to be a new page every Friday in the free section over at Modern Tales, but that hasn't been happening for a while now...

The Wisdom of Moo The Wisdom of Moo
Adrian Ramos of Count Your Sheep fame did
this strip for a while over at Girlamatic. Then he
stopped doing it. Now he's started it up again
from the beginning. So if you missed that
earlier run, hop on now!
He seems to have stopped doing comics.

World of Fizz World of Fizz
The Fizruth family are your typical
anthropomorphic foxes living in a
world of other talking animal folks.
It's pretty straightforward slice-of-life
humor, but I like the character
writing and Robert Blake's clean,
cartoony style. Good stuff.

Looks like he's stopped doing the strip entirely.

The World of Mr. Toast The World of Mr. Toast
More from the mind of Dan Goodsell,
this one focused more specifically
on the adventures of Mr. Toast and
his friends. Also, please explore
the rest of Mr. Goodsell's Imaginary World.

Like I said, he's moved on to other Toast related projects.

Wyldfire Wyldfire
A comic about a talking animal fire department
done by a woman who used to be a firefighter.
Vicky Morgan-Keith has moved on to other projects, and these pages have vanished from from their website.

Xeno's Arrow Xeno's Arrow
Another fine comic book makes its way onto the web.
Xeno is a round-headed alien raised by space-faring
lizards. His life becomes interesting when he learns
that there are other non-lizard aliens around, too...
Greg Beettam and Stephen Geigen-Miller were putting up their old print comic series, but then they got to the last page and have stopped.

Yonder Yonder
Gramps, Zeus the dog, Topher the coyote,
Mack the bat. Fun, odd adventures in the
deserts of Arizona by Wes Hargis.

This was running in the online version of the Tucson Weekly, but now it seems to have stopped.

Your Weekly Toast

Your Weekly Toast
Dan Goodsell has embarked upon a
massive and semi-fiendish project
for, I assume, the betterment of
all mankind: he'll be posting
one Mr. Toast comic or painting
every Tuesday and is inviting
viewers to supply an appropriate
and humorous caption. Prizes will
be awarded to whoever supplies
the one he likes best, so get out
there and let your imagination polka!

Young Adventure Friends Young Adventure Friends
Bela Whigimill--if that's his real
name--is another of the folks in the
Daily Grind contest with me, and I've
been meaning to put up a link to his
lovely ultra-surrealism for several
years. So now I have.
He's dropped from the contest, and so far he seems to be uploading a whole batch of them every once in a while...

Zeu U Zeu U
Another "talking animals in college"
comic, but a pretty entertaining
one. Kat Allen hasn't gotten all
that far story-wise, but we'll
see how things develop.
She's trying for new pages every Mondays, but schoolwork tends to get in the way...

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