Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 11:54:10 -0700 (PDT)

Ex-U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark on Subversity

Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark is this evening's guest on "Subversity", a KUCI public affairs program airing from 5-6 p.m. on KUCI, 88.9 FM in Orange County. The topic: The U.S. Bombings.

Clark, long a critic of U.S. foreign policy, will discuss the legal and human costs of last week's U.S. missile attacks on Afghanistan and the Sudan. He last was interviewed on Subversity about U.S. bombing of Iraq and the death of children there.

For information on protests against the U.S. attacks, check out the Web site of at Jay's Leftist & "Progressive" Internet Resources Directory at:

The site includes discussion on the bombings and also photos of recent protests.

Daniel C. Tsang
Host, Subversity, Tuesdays, 5-6 p.m.
KUCI, 88.9 FM