With the Tupac Amarus: Subversity Interviews Photographer

Irvine -- The massacre of the Tupac Amarus in Peru last week is the topic of today's Subversity show. Show host Daniel Tsang interviews Jeremy Bigwood, a photojournalist who spent many weeks with the guerrilla group in the jungle of Peru, including some time with Commandante Nesta Cerpa, who was among those killed when the Peruvian authorities raided the Japanese Ambassador's residence last week. The show airs this evening from 5-6 p.m. on KUCI, 88.9 FM in Orange County.

Bigwood is the author of "Guerrilla U: In the Jungle with Peru's Tupac Amaru, in the current (Spring 1997) issue of CovertAction Quarterly, which also contains essays on Peru's Japanese ties and the role of transnational corporations in despoiling the environment.

Tupac Amaru communiques are available via Tsang's news Website: http://sun3.lib.uci.edu/~dtsang/netnews1.htm. Use FIND on that page to go to the MRTA Solidarity Page.

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