Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 13:54:40 -0700 (PDT)

Alternative News on Drug War in Colombia etc.

Irvine -- This evening's edition of Alternative News, a KUCI public affairs program, brings listeners a feature on the U.S. drug war effort in Colombia, said by many to be the start of another "Vietnam" entanglement. The program is a production of National Radio Project's Making Contact.

The show airs Friday, July 14, 2000, from 5-6 p.m. on KUCI, 88.9 fm in Orange County, California, and also is aired simultaneously on the Web via

We also bring you the latest newscast from Free Speech Radio News, including a report on the latest incident of police brutality caught on video.

Making Contact: "Priming Colombia: A Look at U.S. Drug War Aid"

The U.S. government is filling Colombian 
government and military bank accounts with hundreds of 
millions of dollars.  On this program we take a look at 
conflict in Colombia and U.S. drug war policy.  

Featuring: Cecila Zuarte-Luan, Colombia Support Network; 
an anonymous indigenous woman from Colombia; Coletta 
Youngers, Washington Office on Latin America; Adam 
Isacson, Center for International Policy; Lisa Haugaard, 
Latin American Working Group; Bob Brown, White House 
Office on National Drug Control Policy; Noam Chomsky, 
Massachussets Institute of Technology

National Radio Project: (510) 251-1332
International Media Project: (650) 851-7256

Free Speech Radio News
July 14, 2000 

     DOE: Plutonium Went into the Air, But That's Okay 
     The Department of Energy this week announced that radioactive
     plutonium was released into the air
     from last month's fire on the Hanford nuclear reservation in Central
     Washington State. Leigh Robartes
     reports from Idaho. 

     Philadelphia Beating Caught on Tape 
     Both the federal government and the Philadelphia police and
     investigating the caught on video-tape
     police beating of a wounded man as he was being placed under arrest.
     Aaron Glantz has the story. 

     Law Suits Hit Democratic, Republican Conventions 
     As law enforcement agencies in Los Angeles and Philadelphia step up
     their strategies for dealing with
     political dissent at this summers' Democratic and Republican
     conventions, several reports just issued
     out of Seattle are highly critical of police command tactics during
     protests against the WTO. Martha
     Baskin reports from Seattle. 

     Israeli Peace Activists, Fundamentalists Take to the Streets 
     Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak is meeting with Palestinian
     President Yasser Arafat and US
     President Bill Clinton in an attempt to overcome the final, most
     difficult obstacles to peace between
     Israelis and Palestinians.Barak left for Camp David under tremendous
     political pressure, narrowly
     avoiding a no-confidence vote, but still facing the collapse of his
     parliamentary coalition. Free Speech
     Radio News Correspondent Peretz Kidron is in Jerusalem -- He spoke
     with FSRN Anchor Matt Martin. 

     Protesters Descend on Rural CA Air Force Base 
     Protesters were on hand at the failed anti-missile defense system
     test. And they say they'll be back
     next time the military launces a test rocket. ... Ed Rippy reports
     from Vandenburg Air Force Base. 

     One Year Anniversary of Lock-Out at Pacifica Station KPFA 
     Anchor Matt Martin takes a look at the long-term impacts of
     censorship and lock-outside inside the
     Pacifica Network. 


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     Censorship. Over 40 freelance
     reporters in 14 states and four continents are boycotting the
     Pacifica Network News for censoring
     legitimate news stories. These reporters are risking their

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     Thanks to the National Radio Project for leasing us production space.
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     Matt Martin anchors.