Hi, and welcome to the officially endorsed website for Naked Comedy, bringing all the newest and best comedians together on the oldest and worst technology!

Here you can find all the info you need on what’s playing on the show, what’s going on, who I think is awesome, and lots of other fun facts! It will be updated whenever a new show or something special is going to occur, as well as whenever doesn’t interfere with finals or drinking. I know my priorities.

So come on in, enjoy, and remember to take off your shoes when you come inside.

- DJ Intern Sam

This week on the Feed:

Podcasting has never been so awesome.

Xavier, Delocated, Totally 4 Teens, Chocolate Butter, it’s all coming up!

Only two more awesome episodes until NC’s epic season 2 finale!!http://www.kuci.org/podcasts/?ShowID=848shapeimage_7_link_0